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  • Julie McQueen

    36-19: 17, Jadyn counted down 10 backwards from 36 then 9 backwards from 26 (Note: Jadyn is my granddaughter. She turned 5 on June 26th 😉 ).

    Her mom (after Jaydn answered): 19×2 is 38 and it’s two less than that so 17

  • Misti Kingston


    I asked my son how he would do this problem. He said, “well, 30-10 is 20 and 6-9 is -3 and 20 and -3 is 17 so it must be 17.”

  • David Bridges

    For “99 times anything”, I asked one friend how she would do that in her head. Her reply was that she would close her eyes and “go through the steps”. Another lady I didn’t know standing close by in the post office said she would multiply by 100 and take out one group. Our music minister, who has an accounting degree, would round off to 100 and come back down. Ou r daughter, who says she can only do “Museum Math”, said, “Pretend that it’s 100, then subtract the number you multiplied by.”

  • Amy Arick

    I have been wrestling with multiplication and division with the intent to find some nasty numbers and I am pleasantly surprised to say I’m not finding any (even with help from my kids)!! My first exposure to numeracy with Pam was about 4 years ago. While I bought into this change in thinking with no hesitation my “slickness” with the strategies has taken longer to “ferment”. I encourage everyone to attend Pam’s workshops more than once… I needed more time to work out what gaps I had and time to determine what questions I still had. Thank you, Pam, for sticking with us and giving us the power to make a difference for all our kids!!

  • admin

    Amy, you are so wonderful. What a pleasure it was to work with you again. I look forward to continuing to learn with you!

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